Running List of Healing Herbs & Supplements for Lyme [Research Notes]

From various sources, including Healing Mushrooms by Tero Isokauppila and Unlocking Lyme by Dr. William Rawls, M.D.

Mushroom Adaptogens for Immune Modulation

Cordyceps (dose 1-3g whole mushroom powder or .4g-.8g extract two to three times daily

  • Immunomodulation and resistance to stress

  • Protects mitochondria

  • Anti-fatigue

  • Reduces heart muscle oxygen consumption and improves aerobic activity

  • Often used as a kidney tonic in traditional herbal medicine

  • Stimulates NK cells and macrophage activity and also enhances cellular immunity

  • Decreases inflammatory cytokine cascades and therefore decreases tissue damage

  • Dose 1-3g whole mushroom powder or .4g-.8g extract two to three times daily

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

  • Useful for sleeping better, stressing less, and curing seasonal allergies

  • Revitalizes the entire body

  • Reishi works both internally and externally to keep you looking young by reducing dermal oxidation (which is when proteins on the skin are damaged, causing wrinkles and other signs of aging) and protecting your cellular DNA and mitochondria from oxidant damage as well, allowing you to remain energized, alert, and feeling refreshed. [source] 

  • Reishi’s terpenes improve circulation, which helps with every bodily function from mental capacities to physical appearance. [source]

  • Reishi’s polysaccharides have also been credited with lowering blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and inhibiting tumor growth in some cancers. [source]

  • Taking Reishi increases your quality and duration of deep, restful sleep, but also allows you to function at peak levels during waking hours. [source]

  • Specific triterpene compounds in reishi fruiting bodies support and balance the endocrine system… when you have an optimally functioning hormonal system (and surprisingly few do — for a slew of reasons including the impact of environmental toxins and the overprescribing of prescription medications, among a host of other factors, your body can relax and recover during the night as it is meant to. [source]

  • Two of Reishi’s most prevalent triterpenes are sterols and ganoderic acids. Sterols have been shown to lower cholesterol by impeding the absorption of cholesterol in the body, helping to improve blood circulation and heart health, and have also proven in medical studies to increase life-spans by more than 10 percent. Ganoderic acids have been shown to improve oxygen flow, boost liver functionality, and effectively inhibit histamine response, greatly helping those who experience seasonal allergies. [source]

  • It appears when reishi extracts are consumed with a high-fat diet, the mushroom helps prevent gut inflammation, the proliferation of fatty tissue, and the buildup of harmful bacteria in the bloodstream that can lead to digestion issues and weight gain. Because reishi seems to have the power to alter the ratios of bacteria in the gut, it could help with weight control. [source]

  • Exceptional immunomodulating and antiviral properties

  • Potent adaptogen

  • Anti-cancer properties

  • Reduces inflammatory cytokines

  • Improves response against threatening microbes and mutated cancer cells

  • Calms autoimmune responses

  • Calming

  • Improves sleep

  • Anti-fatigue properties, related to restoration of normal adrenal cortical function

  • Significant cardiovascular benefit

  • Used to alleviate altitude sickness, suggesting it may also increase oxygenation of tissues (good because many intracellular pathogens thrive in a low-oxygen environment)

  • Liver and heart protective

  • Dose 1-2g whole mushroom powder or 150-500mg standardized extract two to three times daily

Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)

  • Useful for warding off the common cold, having shiny, thick hair and glowing skin, and lowering inflammation caused by a busy, stressful life

  • Dual extracted chaga is one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the world

  • Astonishing immunomodulating powers – chaga’s beta glucan polysaccharides have the ability to boost the production of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell that regulates the immune response to infectious microorganisms and other foreign substances)

  • One of the richest sources of antioxidants found in nature… one dose of dual extracted chaga packs the same number of antioxidants as thirty pounds of carrots, which stops cell degeneration and the resulting chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic illness, and cancer

  • Extremely good for skin – Chaga contains more superoxide dismutase (SOD), zinc, and melanin than any other single natural source

Herbs and Other Adaptogens

Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng)

  • Immune amphoteric

  • Fights illnesses associated with microbial infections

  • Increases quality of life

  • Potent antiviral and antibacterial properties

  • Adaptogenic and improves stress resistance in all systems of the body

  • Restores normal adrenal function

  • Normalizes immune function in the face of stress

  • Protective against radiation

  • Liver protective

  • Dose herb extract 50-200mg twice daily

Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum Cuspidatum)

  • “Wonder substance”

  • Offers exceptional antimicrobial activity against a wide range of stealth microbes

  • Primary herbal antimicrobial for both Lyme disease and Mycoplasma treatment

  • Offers antiviral, anti-Candida, and anti fungal properties

  • Disrupts bacterial biofilms

  • Systemic antimicrobial that crosses the blood-brain barrier, and it is protective of the central nervous system

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Supports immune function

  • Dose 200-800mg Japanese knotweed two to three times daily


  • Antiviral, antibacterial, anti parasitic properties

  • Immune enhancement

  • Cardioprotective

  • Liver protection

  • Enhances natural killer cells and cell-mediated immunity

  • Reduces pro inflammatory cytokines

  • Widely used in the treatment of Lyme Disease

  • Reduces the length and severity of common viral illnesses

  • Protects against viral hepatitis B & C, as well as Chlamydia

  • Used for dysentery and shows activity against pathogenic strains of E. Coli.

  • Active against common roundworms and tapeworms.

  • Beneficial for ulcerative colitis

  • Dose 200-800mg extract two to three times daily

Cat’s Claw

  • Immunomodulator, calms an overactive immune system and reduces inflammation

  • Enhances how well the immune system works

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Useful in the treatment of arthritis

  • Increases WBCs, including B and T lymphocytes, natural killer cells, and granulocytes

  • Enhances a specific type of natural killer cell called CD 57, which is deficient in Lyme disease

  • Heals the GI tract and leaky gut

  • Anti protozoal, may provide coverage against Babesia

  • Dose 400-800 mg two to three times daily, WITH FOOD, as it is activated by stomach acid

Chinese Skullcap (Baicalin)

  • Potent synergist, enhancing the value of other supplements and herbs, especially antimicrobial

  • Strongly protective of nerve tissue and liver function

  • Strongly antiviral

  • Offers antibacterial and antifungal properties

  • One of the primary supplements for use against Mycoplasma and Bartonella

  • Known for its sedative properties, and it contains melatonin

  • Immunomodulator, calming overactive immune function, reducing cytokine cascades, and improves overall immune function

  • Dose: 400-1000mg two to three times daily

Garlic with stabilized allicin

  • Potent broad-spectrum activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and has antiviral, anti fungal, and anti parasitic properties. 

  • Lyme patients have noted significant benefit

  • Active against multiple species of Babesia

  • Highly beneficial for chronic fungal infections and Candida, shows activity against MRSA infections

  • Remarkable cardiovascular benefits

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Inhibits platelet aggregation, making blood less sticky and thinner

  • Improves blood flow

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Direct cardiogenic effects


When it comes to detoxing, curcumin stands tall.  Not only does it increase bile production in the liver (bile being the transportation for toxins to leave the body), it has also been shown to stimulate production of glutathione, the master detoxing antioxidant produced by the body.  Turmeric can also induce herxing from Candida so be vigilant of how you feel after consumption; or seek out curcumin in supplement form.


  • Binds endotoxins

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties

  • Commonly used in Lyme disease protocols

  • Very synergistic, increases bioavailability of other herbs and enhances benefits

  • Potent anti-inflammatory

  • Antioxidant properties

  • Enhances immune function

  • Synergistic for Lyme protocols and important for restoration of gastrointestinal function

  • Dose 200-1000mg of standardized root extract two to three times daily



  • Essential antioxidant inside cells for protecting mitochondria from free-radical damage during generation of energy.

  • Essential for phase II detoxification in the liver.

  • Enhances detoxification processes, offers antioxidant properties, and fortifies immune functions

  • Increases T-lymphocytes in animal studies

  • Intestinal absorption begins by the molecule being broken down into component parts but also by absorption of the whole molecule

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

  • Potent antioxidant

  • Essential component for formation of glutathione inside cells

  • Inhibits cytokine cascades

  • Inhibits breakdown of collagen

  • Concentrates in lungs and offers antioxidant effects as well as mucolytic properties (breaks down mucus)

  • Inhibits biofilms

  • Strongly protective of nerve tissue

  • Protects liver function

  • Combining therapeutic doses of lipoid acid, vitamin C, and NAC will raise glutathione levels inside cells better than supplementing with glutathione 

  • Suggested dosage: 500-2000mg twice daily

Alpha Lipoic Acid