I’m Blogging for 30 Days. Which of These Topics Should I Write About?

This was originally posted on the blog on my personal website. I’ve since moved it.

The title pretty much says it all.

I’m entering into Month Two of the Praxis curriculum. The curriculum dictates that I spend the next 30 days writing (at least) one blog post per day.

Quick intro to “Praxis”: it’s essentially the holy grail of professional development programs for young people. I’ve studying commercial photography and filmmaking at Brooks Institute for the past few years, and after it closed in this past August, I applied to Praxis in an effort to leverage the program’s offerings in order to launch my commercial photography and filmmaking career. I was accepted into the program, and within a month of starting, Derek Magill (a friend of mine from high school, also the director of Marketing at Praxis) and Isaac Morehouse (CEO of Praxis) reached out and offered me a job in sales and recruiting at Praxis. I’ll still be doing the full program, but I’m officially doing my apprenticeship through the program with Praxis, unlike most participants. It’s a unique case.

Anyways, back to November of 2016. In Month 2 of the Praxis curriculum, we’re put through a writing bootcamp that lasts 30 days. The bootcamp is designed to help us hone our writing skills and get over our fear of “shipping.” By the end of the month, ideally my Praxis “classmates” and I will be able to write posts that grow traffic, write strong emails that grab attention, and write marketing copy that gets people to act.

My goal for my blog isn’t to self-indulgently journal about random details in my life… it’s to openly and honestly post about meaningful things that will provide value to my readers. It’s also for the purpose of developing a digital paper trail, which can potentially be one’s passport to the world (a concept integral to Praxian philosophy, and a critical Praxis Month One teaching).

Truth be told, I have no idea what any of you want to read about. So, in the spirit of providing value, I’ve composed a list of interesting and potentially valuable topics for my readers to choose from.

Which topics would you like to read about?

  1. Why I Joined Praxis

  2. How I Developed An Interest In Photography and Filmmaking

  3. The Most Encouraging Bible Verses I Know

  4. What My Career Aspirations Are (And What I Plan to Do About Them)

  5. The Most Valuable Things I’ve Learned So Far In Praxis

  6. The Most Important Books I’ve Read In the Past Few Years

  7. How I Went From Christian, to Vehement Atheist, and Back to Christian (Against the Odds)

  8. The Book That Led Me Back To Christ

  9. How A Psychedelic Experience And An Email Changed The Direction Of My Life

  10. Camera Basics – Shutter Speed

  11. Camera Basics – ISO

  12. Camera Basics – Aperture and Depth of Field

  13. Camera Basics – Lens Choices and Focal Lengths

  14. Camera Basics – What’s Shooting RAW All About?

  15. A Review of the Sony a7R II

  16. How I Struggle With Fear, and What I Try To Do About It

  17. How I’ve (Mostly) Learned to Tame My Mind

  18. The Value of Bravery and Putting Oneself Out There

  19. What the Chase Paisley Project Was

  20. What My Career Aspirations Are

  21. How to Properly Lift Weights (And Why You Should)

  22. Lessons Learned Regarding Women, How I’ve Found Success With Women, and Male-Female Dynamics

  23. How Having a Fucked Up Family History Has Shaped What I Want for My (Family’s) Future

  24. How My Mother’s Suicide Shaped Me

  25. Incredible Lessons My Father Taught Me About Manhood and Fatherhood

  26. What Lifting Weights Has to Do With Self-Esteem, Discipline, Testosterone, Manhood, and Being More

  27. Village Mentality, Surrounding Myself With Strong Men, and Exponential Returns In Every Aspect of Life

  28. Why It’s So Important To Cut Negative People Out of Your Life

  29. Interesting Things Discussed at Voice and Exit

  30. What I Do To Keep My Ego In Check (and Why It’s Necessary)

  31. My Journey With and Without Testosterone

  32. Why Testosterone Is Extremely Important

  33. What Falling For A Girl From Another Country Taught Me About My Goals

  34. What My Perfect, Ideal Day Looks Like

  35. How I Channel My Inner Warrior, and Why It’s An Essential Tactic For Men

  36. Why My Weird Coffee Concoction Leaves Me Kicking Ass All Day

  37. Why I Eat a Strange Diet That Makes Me Feel Awesome

  38. What the Ketogenic Diet Is, and Why I Subscribe to It

  39. What My Favorite Podcasts Are

  40. How I Landed an Internship with Joel Grimes

Alright. That’s the list of my current ideas. It’s a start. Let me know which of those topics you’d like me to write about, and let’s get started. I’ll be posting them to facebook. I can’t guarantee I’ll hit all of them – rather than writing super heavy, intense posts each day, I’d like to ideally achieve a 70/30 balance between lighter posts and heavy posts.

Alongside the 30 day writing challenge, I’ll also be doing sales and recruiting work as part of my apprenticeship with Praxis, interning under globally renowned commercial photographer Joel Grimes, and traveling to the Voice and Exit content with a few fellow Praxis participants and the rest of the Praxis team. It’s a lot. I’m a bit stressed about it. It’ll be a grueling month, but I’m excited to look back on it after it’s all over. So, I’ll do my absolute best to write a blog post every single day. Promise.

Let me know what you’d like to read about in the comments below. Based on your feedback, based on what I feel is doable, and based on what I feel is important, I’ll figure out what’s appropriate to write about. Thanks for reading!

edit: here are the total votes

2 for #2
1 for #3
5 for #4
3 for #6
11 for #7
4 for #8
11 for #9
2 for #10
2 for #11
2 for #12
2 for #13
2 for #14
2 for #16
6 for #17
2 for #18
1 for #19
2 for #20
1 for #21
2 for #22
5 for #23
5 for #24
1 for #25
2 for #26
2 for #27
4 for #28
2 for #30
1 for #31
3 for #33
3 for #34
3 for #35
4 for #36
2 for #37
3 for #38
2 for #39
2 for #40