I Believe & Affirm These Things About Myself

About a month ago, one of my friends recommended Hal Elrod’s book “The Miracle Morning” to me.

It’s a book that enables a person to philosophically reframe the way that they approach waking up each day, so that they might maximize their success, happiness, and fulfillment in life as a result.

It’s phenomenal.

In order for a person to maximize one’s personal success, Hal Elrod stresses the importance of repeating “daily affirmations” – in other words, he encourages readers to either write or speak the type of people that they want to become in their daily affirmations.

It’s a powerful practice, particularly if you believe in the importance of exercising the logos, our divine ability to speak truth into literal being and existence.

Should a person choose to exercise discipline, this is the kind of practice that could radically transform a person’s life (and belief in themselves) in a very short amount of time.

In the interest of being raw and transparent, I’ll go ahead and share my current affirmations. These are the precepts that I’m affirming to myself right now.

My affirmations:

  • I was created intentionally by God. Every struggle I endure and every strength I gain was predetermined by Him, for the ultimate benefit of me and everyone I know. Every struggle I go through gives me strength to lend for others, and this is part of His divine plan for me.

  • I let go of the limiting belief that I might not overcome my Lyme disease… I willovercome it and cure it, and I will live a long, healthy, happy, and fulfilling life! This disease will not be the end of me. I will instead transform this great suffering into tangible solutions for others that suffer similarly.

  • I am an incredibly valuable person, and my perspective is highly valued, essential, and very welcome in the world! People appreciate hearing my voice and the things I have to say, and the things I say often change the lives of others for the better – permanently.

  • I was born to love and to be loved! I was especially born to be loved by my Father, He who created me. As I learn more about him through his Word, his love for me, and how to be loved by him, the love that I have to offer the world will grow intensely, leading to a massive, overflowing, abundant source of love and peace within me.

  • I have discipline, discernment, and self control over my impulses and desires. I am neither a slave to food, nor my emotions, and am growing to love the practice and art of fasting as a sacred tool to build, concentrate, and rejuvenate the power of my spirit. I use this practice to make myself more effective at everything I do, and to heal Lyme disease, too… and it works.

  • I am attracting a truly great woman into my life! Simply by making the full commitment of being me, I will effortlessly earn her love, admiration, and adoration – without any need to perform, be someone I’m not, or fill a role that doesn’t align with who I truly am in order to “earn” her love. She will be extraordinarily beautiful, both inside and out, as well as wise, deeply spiritual, and deeply curious. She’ll also have deep concern for the welfare of the world and its people, she’ll be a natural leader of other women, and she’ll have an enormous appetite for life and adventure! We’ll have long, intimate conversations about the mysteries of life and the spirit, and we’ll go on daring adventures to unravel those mysteries. She will see my strength as a man, and will be an expert at calling me up into my heroic leadership potential. She will hold me to high standards, and accept nothing less than the greatness God created me for. I will learn to love her as deeply as my spirit is capable of, and it will make her feel like the woman, queen, and great source of inspiration that she is. We will have an extremely passionate, intimate connection with each other – physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually… and our deep connection will cause us to discover aspects and heights of our spirits we didn’t even realize existed! Of course, we’ll also make movies and tell stories about all of our adventures together, so that we can share our beautiful journey to inspire others.

  • By simply being me, embracing who I am, speaking the truth, and exercising my gifts… I will change the world for the better. By living in alignment with who I truly am and what I’m truly interested in, I will attract great friends, great women, and large amounts of money into my life.

So it is, and so it shall be.