Defining the Dominant Dopaminergic Nature – Notes from the Edge Effect

In a previous blog post, I went in-depth on the benefits of eating for my Type O bloodtype.

One of the hallmarks of a healthy blood type O individual is a fully functioning dopaminergic system, complete with motivation and drive.

Curious to further define the dopaminergic system, I decided I’d re-open a book I bought three years ago titled The Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health and Longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage.

In the following passages, Dr. Braverman outlines the basic influence of a person who’s brain is dominated by dopaminergic function (out of the four total primary neurotransmitters that effect cognition). Interesting stuff.

Check it out.

The Powerful Dopamine Nature

Associated with high-voltage beta waves from your brain, dopamine affects the power of your body and mind. High-dopamine individuals like yourself are often powerful, reflexively fast, and quick-witted. When feeling well, people with dopamine natures have a very sharp edge.

As a dopamine nature, you are among approximately 17 percent of the world’s population. You thrive on energy. When your dopamine production is balanced, you are likely to be a strong-willed individual who knows exactly what you want and how to get it. You’re fast on your feet and self confident. You’re highly rational, more comfortable with facts and figures than with feelings and emotions. You are able to assess yourself critically, yet you generally do not respond well to criticism or accept negative feedback from mothers.

You focus intently and persistently on the task at hand and take pride in achievement. Strategic thinking, masterminding, inventing, problem solving, envisioning, and pragmatism are exciting, and you function well under stress. These skills lend themselves to positions requiring complex knowledge and/or detailed planning. A majority of doctors, scientists, researchers, inventors, engineers, generals, and architects are likely to be dopamine-dominant.

With a dopamine nature, you’re most likely to be interested in activities related to knowledge and intellect.

You relish competition. You’re tireless, perhaps hyperalert, and might require less sleep than your friends or family.

When it comes to physical activity, you find great satisfaction in anaerobic, weight-bearing exercises. You may also enjoy competitive individualized sports such as tennis, swimming, or skiing.

Because rationality is your primary trait, you are more adept at establishing relationships than nurturing them. You’re not overly sensitive, so you tend to miss the fact that others may believe their feelings are more powerful than reason.

The dopamine Edge Effect occurs when you’ve maximized your dopamine nature. These are the times when you experience total sensual enjoyment, you derive pleasure from everything that you do, and your reactions are sharp. All of your senses are heightened: you relish sexual relations, your food tastes fantastic, and you feel powerful and admired among your friends and family.